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How to get a Golden Visa in Portugal ?

Find out what the Portuguese Golden Visa is, its advantages and how to get it. 

In this article, we will help you understand how the Golden Visa in Portugal works by answering the most frequently asked questions about it.

Specialized in real estate investment and installation in Portugal, De Brito Properties offers a complete turnkey service to its clients who wish to obtain a Golden Visa through the purchase of a property in Portugal.

Les démarches clés pour réussir votre projet au Portugal

Le 20 octobre 2020, lors du salon virtuel de l’immobilier portugais, InPortugal 2020, César de Brito, fondateur de l’agence DE BRITO Properties a assuré une conférence sur le thème « Les démarches clés pour réussir votre projet au Portugal». 

Conference "Is Portugal a victim of its own success?" "

Conference "Is Portugal a victim of its own success?" 

On October 21, 2020, during the online Portuguese real estate fair "In Portugal 2020", César de Brito, founder of the agency DE BRITO Properties, he gave a conference

Golden Visa - ARI Portugal

Golden Visa Portugal

In 2012, the portuguese government passed a law enabling non-European citizens to invest in Portugal and gain residence permit, which is known as ‘Golden Visa’ or ARI - Residence Permit for Investment. 

Emission avec Stéphane Plaza

Emission avec Stéphane Plaza au Portugal

Après un appel lancé par Stéphane Plaza pour aider un couple de retraité d'Avignon à venir s'installer au Portugal,